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Meet Johna

Training: 100 hr spin instructor course

Degrees: Bach. in Exercise Science

             Masters in Education

Ed. Certs: English as a Second Language

              Core Subjects Teacher PK-6

              Principal PK-12


Certified Cycling Instructor with a Masters in Education

Johna has 10+ years in the fitness and sport industry. During a successful division 1 college soccer career, Johna quickly found her passion for working with kids through sport and fitness and accumulated a range of experience while coaching soccer across the country as well as personal training and crossfit coaching in the US and abroad.


After a life on the field and in the gym, Johna entered the classroom to impact kids on a different level. Throughout her experience as a teacher in three countries, Johna picked up cycling as a means of self care, but through long rides and good tunes, Seven Cycle was born.

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